Thermite Binary

As the smallest Thermite® model, the Binary model is ideal for unmanned systems where size, weight, power as well as performance cannot be compromised.  Designed around an Nvidia® GPU core, the Binary will also work well for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications.  Keeping in line with the rugged Thermite® family, the Binary is conduction-cooled, with easily configurable peripheral I/O and optional battery operation.

Low-Power CPU with CUDA® Support

NVIDIA® processing module with CUDA® support

Small Form Factor (SFF) for Unmanned and Man-Worn Applications

Smallest Thermite® model available, with optional battery operation. Ideal for unmanned vehicles and man-wearable platforms.

Highly configurable I/O

Standard peripheral I/O includes HDMI, USB-2.0, Serial and Ethernet. Configuration changes are easily made in order to increase or eliminate connections to meet specific user requirements with little or no NRE.

Designed to Meet MIL-STD-810G Environmental Specifications

The Thermite® Binary design is derived from the Thermite Octal, which is tested and qualified to MIL-Spec environmental procedures covering temperature, shock, vibration, salt fog, dust and sand, and more. For a complete list of procedures, please contact us.
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